Coming Soon : BDB Climb & Run !

BDB Climb and Run Langkawi 2017 which is set to commence on 22 April will undoubtedly test the resolve and endurance of extreme sport enthusiast and surely gave them new experiences to behold. The first stage of BDB Triple Challenge is set to be different from its predecessor with more emphasis is put on the extreme part as evidence in the number of stairs which the climbers have to go through in order to finish the race.

The General Managing Director, Dato’ Izham Yusoff said that BDB Climb and Run is design exclusively to give a unique experience to contestants while at the same time supply them with the opportunity to take in the scenic and serene atmosphere.

Dato’ Izham also said the event actually serves a dual purpose in which it is also used to promote and encourage the growth of the tourism section in Kedah. BDB Climb and Run Langkawi 2017 is one of the sub-event of BDB Triple Challenge which combine three extreme sports will be ongoing until the end of this calendar year.

The event that was supported by the Minister of Youth and Sports himself, Khairy Jamaluddin, will officially kicks off on 22nd April with BDB Climb & Run while BDB Extreme Jitra 2017 will transpire on 23rd of September and the last one out of the three event, BDB Rafting will take place on 18th of November at Sedim River, Kulim.

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