BDB Infra Sdn Bhd (BDB Infra) has more than 40 years of experience in quarry and road construction since its inception in 1973. BDB Infra is recognised as one of the most prominent class G7 contractors for road works in northern Malaysia.

BDB Infra also forged a reputation for its technical knowledge and quality road works. BDB Infra participated in many road construction projects and maintenance of roads and highways across northern Malaysia.

Originally operating under the name of Syarikat Bina Dan Kuari Kedah Sdn. Bhd., BDB Infra was a pioneer in the quarry industry and operates the largest granite quarry in Kedah. Situated in Bukit Perak, Pendang, the quarry produces various sizes of crushed aggregates and Asphaltic Bituminous Mix Products for the construction of roads, highways, railway tracks, bridges, houses, land reclamations, and other infrastructures.

The quarry has the capacity to produce 100,000 tonnes of aggregates monthly and based on the current capacity, the quarry has enough reserves to last more than 100 years.

In early 2017, BDB Infra has successfully operated a new asphalt premix plant in Kulim, namely Kulim Kedah Premix Plant (KKPP) to cater the demand of customers from central to southern Kedah, Penang, and northern Perak.

The plant is being equipped with a batching system which capable to produce 40,000 tonnes of Asphaltic Bituminous Mix Products monthly.  KKPP is the largest addition to BDB Infra production and manufacturing facilities.